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Flat Pack Cabinetry offers a blend of affordability, flexibility, and style that’s hard to beat!

Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen, setting up a new office, or just updating a small space, flat-pack cabinetry can offer a cost-effective and versatile solution.

Kimberley Cabinets is the name you can trust. Our superb selection of cabinets is designed to seamlessly integrate into any setting from the beautiful Broome coastline to the rugged terrains of the Kimberley.

While assembly requires a bit of time and patience, the satisfaction of creating a finished product with your own two hands can be immensely rewarding. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a newbie, flat-pack cabinetry can be a great option for adding style and functionality to your space.

Our Range

Kitchen Cabinets: Our kitchen cabinets are a perfect blend of form and function. Experience the best of Broome’s local taste right from the comfort of your kitchen.

Bathroom Vanities: Make a statement with our range of vanities, combining aesthetic appeal with practical storage solutions.

Bedroom Cabinets: From walk in closets to sliding door wardrobes.

Laundry Cabinets: Custom design your laundry cabinets to fit your space!

Office Storage: Organize your workspace with cabinetry that promotes productivity and reflects professionalism.

Living Room: Add a touch of Kimberley’s exotic charm to your living space with our modern and chic flat pack cabinets.

Bespoke Solutions: Got a unique space or design in mind? Our team is ready to help you bring your vision to life.

What is Flat Pack Cabinetry?

Flat pack cabinetry, often referred to as “ready-to-assemble” or RTA cabinetry, is a type of furniture that is sold in multiple pieces and requires the customer to assemble it themselves.

It’s designed to be easily packaged, shipped, and then assembled by the customer at home.

The design of these cabinets typically relies on cam locks, dowels, screws, and other fastening systems to ensure a sturdy construction once assembled.

Why Choose Flat Pack Cabinetry?

When considering cabinetry solutions for your home or office, it can be overwhelming given the plethora of options available. Among these, flat pack cabinetry has risen in popularity, and for several compelling reasons. Here are some of the top reasons to choose flat pack cabinetry for your next project:

Cost-Effective: One of the primary advantages of flat pack cabinetry is that it tends to be more budget-friendly than custom or pre-assembled options. This allows you to have a stylish and functional space without breaking the bank.

Flexibility in Design: Flat pack cabinets come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. This means you can mix and match to create a look that perfectly suits your taste and the design of your space.

Easy Transportation: Since they come in flat packages, transporting them from the store to your home or site becomes a hassle-free process. This is especially advantageous if you’re working with limited vehicle space.

Adaptability: If you have an oddly shaped room or challenging spaces, flat pack cabinetry can be a great solution. The variety in sizes and modularity means you can piece together the perfect setup for your needs.

Quality Assurance: Contrary to some misconceptions, Kimberley Cabinet’s flat pack cabinets are designed with durability in mind. High-quality fittings, sturdy materials, and precise manufacturing processes ensure longevity.

In conclusion, flat pack cabinetry offers a blend of affordability, flexibility, and style that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen, setting up a new office, or just updating a small space, flat pack cabinetry can offer a solution that’s both practical and visually appealing.


“Absolutely love my new kitchen cabinets! They were easy to assemble, and the quality is top-notch.”

Brenda D, Halls Creek

“I was skeptical about flat pack furniture, but this has changed my mind. Sturdy, stylish, and so affordable!”

Carlos V, Derby

“I recently installed a set of Kimberley Cabinet’s flat pack cabinets in my kitchen. The quality is very good, and it looks stunning!”

Margaret L, Broome

Do You Have Questions?

We have answers (well most of the time 😊)

Below you will find answers to the most common questions.  If you cant find the answer your looking for, just contact us 📞

What is included in my flat pack cabinet order?2023-09-05T09:54:07+08:00

Your order will include all the parts required to assemble your cabinets, such as panels, doors, shelves, and hardware.

You’ll also receive a detailed instruction manual.

Do I need special tools for assembly?2023-09-05T09:52:51+08:00

Most flat pack cabinets can be assembled using basic household tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, and a measuring tape.

Some may require a drill. Check the instruction manual for specific requirements.

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