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Welcome to Kimberley Cabinets – Your Trusted Partner for Custom Bathroom Cabinetry in Broome and the Kimberley Region

Custom Bathroom Cabinetry in Broome and the Kimberley: Elevate Your Space

At Kimberley Cabinets, we understand that the bathroom is more than just a utilitarian space—it’s a sanctuary, a place to unwind and refresh. And what better way to elevate that experience than with custom bathroom cabinetry designed uniquely for you?

Serving the Broome and Kimberley region, we bring expertise, craftsmanship, and an unparalleled commitment to quality to every project.


Are you tired of all the clutter in your bathroom? Our bathroom cabinets are the answer to your problems!

Bathroom cabinetry is like the furniture for your bathroom. It helps you organize things like towels, toiletries, and other bathroom items.

Why Choose Our Cabinets?

Easy to Use: Our cabinets have doors and drawers that are simple to open and close. No tricky handles or latches!
Fit Anywhere: Big bathroom or small, we’ve got cabinets in different shapes and sizes that will fit just right.
Looks Great: Who says a bathroom can’t look nice? Our cabinets come in many colors and designs to make your bathroom feel cozy.
Built to Last: We make our cabinets with strong materials so they won’t fall apart after a few months. They’re meant to last a long time!

Types of Bathroom Cabinetry:

Vanity Cabinets: These are often found under sinks. They can be like a small cupboard or have drawers.
Wall Cabinets: These are hung on the wall, usually above the toilet or sink. Great for saving floor space!
Tall Storage Cabinets: These are like wardrobes for your bathroom. They’re tall and can store a lot of items.

Materials Used:

Wood: Classic, durable, and can be painted or stained.
Laminate: A budget-friendly option that’s easy to clean.
Metal: Modern and sturdy, but might need more care to avoid rust.

Check out our suppliers for inspiration!

Choosing the Right One:

Think about:
Space: Measure your bathroom to see what size fits.
Needs: Do you need a lot of drawers? A mirror?
Style: Think about colors, designs, and materials that you like.

Choose cabinetry that not only serves your storage needs but also feels right for you.

We offer a variety of options however if you have your own design in mind please feel free to discuss it with us.

Happy decorating!


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“Kimberley Cabinets transformed our bathroom into a luxurious space that we love!

Their attention to detail is second to none, and they really understand the Broome and Kimberley lifestyle.”

Jessie T, Broome

“Top-notch service from start to finish. We used Kimberley Cabinets to build us some new cabinetry for our bathroom. 

The quality of the cabinetry is superb. I couldn’t have asked for better!”

Mark S, Derby

Do You Have Questions?

We have answers (well most of the time 😊)

Below you will find answers to the most common questions.  If you cant find the answer your looking for, just contact us 📞

Why should I consider custom cabinetry for my bedroom?2023-09-05T07:37:33+08:00

Custom cabinetry allows you to maximize storage space in your bedroom, incorporate personal style elements, and ensure that the furniture perfectly fits the dimensions and shape of your room.

What is custom cabinetry?2023-09-05T07:36:50+08:00

Custom cabinetry refers to cabinets that are specially designed and built to fit a specific space or need.

Unlike stock cabinets, which are pre-made and ready-to-install, custom cabinets are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

How much do custom bedroom cabinets cost?2023-09-05T07:39:11+08:00

The cost varies depending on factors such as the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the size of the project. We provide a detailed quote after the initial consultation.

Do you provide a warranty on your custom cabinetry?2023-09-05T07:39:57+08:00

Yes, all our custom cabinets come with a warranty. The length and terms of the warranty depend on the materials used and other factors.

Please ask for more details during your consultation.

Can I design my own cabinets?2023-09-05T07:38:16+08:00

Yes, we offer a complete design consultation where you can provide your input and ideas. Our design team will then work to integrate these into the final design

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